Period Project Title Institution
2014-2022 Biomimetic test platform for measurement and analysis of neuromuscular junction signals based on living neuronal/muscular tissues ̷âк
2014-2019 Development of robotic core technologies for patient-specific precision examination and keratoplasty based on fabrication of 50 m-level layered artificial cornea ڿ
2014-2017 Multi-physical stimuli cell culture platforms for improvement of stem cell proliferation/differentiation based on multi-scale polymer processing and microfluidic technologies ̷âк
2014-2016 Novel 3D in vitro cancer co-culture model on chips based on 3D printing and microfluidic technology ̷âк
2011-2018 Research Center for Advanced Robotic Surgery based on Deep Tissue Imaging and Haptic Feedback Technology б
Period Project Title Institution
2012-2015 Development of optimal culture system prototypes for human adult stem cells using complex gradient techniques İ
2011-2014 Development of mass production technology of cell culture dish having selective nanoengineered surface for controlling single cell behaviors б
2010-2013 Development of in vivo traceable stimuli-responsive microparticles for embolization based on microfluidic technology б
2010-2012 ̿ ܰ˻ κ İ
2008-2011 Development of Nano-Engineered Biochip for Efficient Differentiation of Stem Cells to Target Cells б
2008-2010 ʼҼ ũ/ ̺긮 ǥ ۿ ػȭ ˷̴ -
2007-2009 ũ ä ٻ ̿ 3 ̼ -